Monday, December 30, 2013


What a crazy, busy, amazing and exhausting Christmas season we've had. My kids are all at a wonderful age to be able to celebrate and really get into Christmas but it's left me with no free time and that has let blogging fall to the wayside.

If you are looking for a deep, meaningful post, this isn't for you. It's more of a quick catch up.

First, Jenny and Jerry both have jobs so I now have Nora full time during the week. I'd take her even if she was a monster but I'm sure glad she's not! She's absolutely sweet and loves my kids which is good because she'd feel smothered if she didn't because they love her!

Second, Dexter's diagnosis has been received by the school and so far we haven't made any changes because they were making many of the necessary accommodations for him anyway. We will continue to make sure things are going smoothly but so far, I have no worries. Getting this diagnosis has already been helpful for me though because I have a better reference point for where he's coming from. So really, not much to report here. And that makes me happy.

And lastly, as much as I hate New Year's resolutions,  I do know that it's a good time to try to start things fresh and get some good habits started. In an effort to keep everyone more in the loop and to stay more organized we've decided to have weekly family meetings. This will allow us to work on things and give the kids the chance to give their input on how things are going in life. Hopefully it helps keep our large family connected. Other goals.... I'm working with friends on getting diet and exercise under control. Again. (Why is this so hard?!!) I also think the new year will see me at the doctor as I'm concerned about my blood pressure. It's been higher than normal lately and I don't like that. Shawn is also on board with my getting healthier plan so hopefully we can work on making a series of small changes that will add up to big advantages.

I know this isn't my normal witty, snarky or insightful post but I am putting my goals out there to help keep me accountable. I'll think of something more interesting for next time. Like budgeting. Yeah... let's talk money. That's always taboo. I'll go there soon. ;)

Monday, December 2, 2013

Feeling nostalgic

Every year, around this time I start to think back about all of the Christmases of my past. I've really had some amazing ones....

One year, when I was probably eight or nine, a really expensive game came out that my sisters and I really wanted. (Ok, it was Mall Madness.... shut up.) We knew there was no way we'd be getting it and somehow, my Dad managed it and we were dumbfounded and practically in tears!

My senior year of high school will always stand out as a one of the best. My best friend Jenny and I found out about a family in need and decided to do it up big for them. The only way we'd be able to afford it was to tell our parents who both supported us and helped us make Christmas special for them, but no one else knew what we were doing. I'll never forget that. They never found out who did it and we would never have been suspected. This experience was a defining moment in my life and gave that year a particularly special feeling.

My sophomore year of college was another big one. It was the first year I wasn't with my family. I spent it with Shawn's side at his sister's house. Being away was hard but realizing that I was loved and accepted into their family, their holiday was humbling and I felt loved.

The first year we were in Omaha... Parker's first Christmas. The second year... our first year in our first house... our third year... Regan's first Christmas....

So many, amazing holiday seasons. I look back at every memory I have and not one of them is about lamenting something I didn't get. They are all about creating the magic for someone else or about loving the people I'm around. This year will be no different. I've had some amazing finds and deals so I'm doing more than I expected but I know this this year, like every other year, is about celebrating peace and generosity with the people I love. I know that this is what I'm passing down to my kids... not the things they open that day.

I could wake up Christmas morning with nothing under the tree for me and feel like I've been given the world. Being able to celebrate with my kids, my husband and my friends is more than I could ask for and I feel blessed. So Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah or Joyous Kwanzaa or "positive word" for "appropriate holiday celebrated at this time of year" to you!! I hope your holiday season is as blessed and wonderful as mine.

~ Please note that this was written well after the melatonin has kicked in and I'm not sleeping well due to the coughing. I'm to tired to edit and want to get this posted so it doesn't get forgotten. Please excuse (or feel free to mock) my errors.