Monday, October 6, 2014

Seeing Things From Dexter's Perspective

I haven't posted in a while but I suppose no news is good news. Things have been going well. The kids are enjoying school and we are back into a routine. (Mostly.) We have been having one amusing on going issue that I've been meaning to blog about and I just haven't taken the time. But today was the last straw.

The issue: Dexter's beloved Angry Bird rain boots. He's worn them all year... daily... rain, snow or shine. These things are falling apart so badly I don't even know how he keeps them on. His teacher this year is as wonderful as last and she understands the significance they have for him. In an effort to help him, she doctored them up with packing tape. They looked worse but it bought them a few more days. However, today when he walked in the door after school, I just couldn't take it any more. You have to see why.... the bottoms are falling off and have holes. The sides are split right up to the top. It's getting colder. It's time to pick the battle.

So, I confronted him. I asked if we could throw them away if we got new ones. And he happily agreed. Ummm... ok?! That was easier than I expected. I showed him some other rainboots. No go. Not Angry Birds. I showed him some Angry Bird snowboots. (This would be a much better choice considering we will be having snow sooner than rain.) No go. Not rainboots. These boots were purchased on clearance for less than $2 over a year ago. They are no longer available. I've looked.

So tonight, after a lot of Dexter calmly explaining to me that he NEEDS those boots and he will keep the broken ones, I decided to check ebay. *sigh*

Long story short. Aspergers tells my son that he is better with THESE boots. It tells him that he can walk to and from school better with THESE boots. It tells him that he likes school better with THESE boots. And Aspergers tells me that I'm going to spend $30 to replace the $1.98 Walmart boots and have absolutely no regrets because this is what he needs to be happy.

I am again thankful for the opportunity to see the world through his eyes, that he's taught me the patience to see his perspective. He remained calm and explained things to me as best he could. He's not trying to be difficult. It was another moment that I got to see the world the way he does. If these boots make him better at walking then I won't question it. The shiny, new colorful, Angry Bird boots are on their way Dex!