Tuesday, June 13, 2017

April 1st- Daily Autism Post- The Ups and Downs

April is autism awareness month. Every day is about autism awareness for me! People tend to think of the struggles more than the magic that it brings. This month, I'm going to make an effort to share something every day, both good and bad, that gives you a glimpse into what life is in an Aspie family. Asperger's is an autism spectrum disorder. (ASD) With it comes sensory issues, unique ways of learning and processing information, being hyper-focused on particular things of interest, struggles with processing emotions of themselves and others, and often struggles with anxiety and depression. This is tough sometimes but it's also funny and makes our family special!
Bad- Dexter and Shawn have both had issues with anxiety and/or depression. It's something we have to watch and take seriously. There is help available and getting help has made a huge difference for them.
Good- When they get obsessed with something, we just call it an Aspie loop. We're stuck in this loop. It's incredible to see how in-depth they get on learning about something. I've learned a TON! I think this is the key to Shawn's intelligence. He will find all of the information he can on something... how the brain works, economics, computer programming languages, comics, data science, history... he loves to know.
Dex is very similar. We're very into dogs right now... world records in sizes, how their anatomy works, the location of their heart and organs, what birth looks like, how long they live, diseases they suffer from. Both Dex and Shawn teach me a lot about things I'd never even think to think about.

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